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APC Knowledge Centre

  We sincerely hope that you have found the features of our web site useful so far. To help our users further, we have developed a knowledge-base containing the information necessary to maintain, upgrade, or install APC for the first time on your process units. As a subscribed member you will have access to the following extra services:

APC Applications Database
Search the database containing information on hundreds of cases of APC installed on the units within the refining and petrochemical industry around the world. The database includes user experiences with various technologies and many technical articles published by the engineers in the process industry on APC applications. This section is updated regularly to also include new applications submitted by the end-users, APC vendors. Click here to see a sample of a search result.
APC Products
Access to a comprehensive list of APC products on the market covering various software technologies. This section is updated regularly for new products on the market as well as extending the range of catagories that we cover. Click here to see a sample of the APC Products section.
APC Solutions
Process details, control objectives, control strategies, typical controller designs, analysers for control and economic benefits are provided for major process units in the refinery and petrochemical plants. Solutions for more process units will be added on a regular basis. Click here to see the range of process units covered in this section.
Manage Applications

Maintain a record of APC applications installed at your site with a single user subscription in a secure environment. A multi-user subscription enables you to keep track of the APC applications installed and maintained by each engineer at the plant. Companies with multiple locations will gain access to the information on the installed APC applications at each site. The engineers responsible enter details of the APC applications for each location. Data is stored on a Microsoft SQL server and is accessible by engineers from other locations in the same company through the Internet. Click here to see a sample of how you would manage your company's applications.



A series of guidelines is provided in this section to help you when checking your instruments or regulatory controllers prior to installing APC on your process units. Also available in the section, is a guideline to help you prepare an APC tender. Click here to see the table of content for this guideline. We plan to add several more guidelines to this section in due course.



Subscribe today and gain access to all these facilities for only $595 a year. APC Knowledge Centre has been developed form many years and  is an on going activity. Every month, several sections of the site content is updated with useful information for our users.
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