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IPCOSWhitehouse Consulting
The APC-network team
15 August, 2011
This email is designed specifically to provide you with the updates made to the site during the previous month. Please note that, in some cases, only a selected number of modifications are listed only.

Hot this Month

> APC Engineering Specialist I - PRAXAIR
> Real Time Application Engineer - IPCOS Belgium / Netherlands /UK

We would like to welcome Alpha Process Control to APC-network.com.

Alpha Control

Subscription Services
This section contains an APC knowledge base accessible exclusively by the subscribed premium members.

APC Solutions
This section contains an APC knowledge base accessible exclusively by the Premium subscribers of the site. This month, we have added content to section titled APC Best Practices.

APC Applications 
Selected APC applications added to the database:
> Japanese Refinery CDU Expert System
> Sinopec Cracking Heater APC
> Malaysian Gas processing MVC
> CEPSA Refinery FCC unit Process Simulator
> Repsol Puertollano HDS Dynamic Simulator

APC & Related Products & Services
Selected APC products added to the database:
> Product: Refinery Operator training simulator
> Product: Risk Management
> Product: Performance Monitoring 
> Product: Emulated DCS Keyboard (Dynamic Simulator)

Free Services

APC Forum
Re: Column Pressure Control
The column pressure control is done by controlling the condensing duty of the overhead gas. There are various variants for total condenser pressure control. A Pressure Control valve in the vapor outlet line upstream of the condenser or downstream...

Re: Column pressure Control
Dear pressure control questioner, The simple answer is: the strategy of column-accumulator delta pressure controller destabilizes this system. If you control column pressure on condenser inlet (or outlet) valve, and accumulator pressure on hot vapor bypass...

APC Training
APC Webtraining -  Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) APC Webtraining;
26- 29 Sept, 2011

News & Features 
> IPCOS launches dedicated non-linear APC solution for distillation columns
> AspenTech Celebrates 30 Years of Being in Business
> ISA Announces Advanced Process Control Techniques Track at ISA Automation
> Australia’s Gladstone Liquefied Natural Gas Project Chooses Meridium as Technology
> Taiwan Formosa says incurring $2.87 mil/day loss on refinery shutdown
> Boyes and Cutler to headline process control conference
> Overview of the Fire and Explosion at Chiba Refinery, the Cause of the Accident
> Jury finds negligence in 2008 refinery explosion
> Shale Gas: How to Hedge the Value Proposition
> Addressing the World's Future Energy Needs
> Invensys Inks Automation Contracts with Russia’s TNK-BP
> Yokogawa Announces Development of New Version of CENTUM® VP
> Final acceptance successfully completed for gasoline and fuel oil blending analyzer

Selected publications among others added this month. Many thanks to those who submitted their articles to us:
> The power of external-reset feedback
> Under the hood of override control - Part 1 (ARC)
> Under the hood of override control - Part 2 (ARC)
> Full scale testing of centrigugal compressor surge
> Tight shutoff in boiler feedwater control valves
> PID Controllers Explained (Regulatory Control - new category)
> Process Modelling with Neural Networks
> Improving Steam Temperature Control Using Neural Networks

APC Jobs
> Real Time Application Engineer - IPCOS Belgium / Netherlands / UK
> APC Engineering Specialist I - PRAXAIR
> Process Control Applications Engineer
> Process Engineer
> Sr. Refining Consultant
> Process Safety Consultant

APC Vendors
The following vendors were added:
> Baker & O'Brien
> Centurion Controls
> Statistics & Control
> Aregger Automation and Control

Webinars to Dec 2011:
> System Identification for Control
> Chemical Reactions: Control the Intended, Avoid the Unintended
> Designing & Applying Model Predictive Control Strategies
> Understanding online audiences and behaviours
> Temperature Control Solutions
> OPC Specifications – Part 2 - OPC Historical Data Access
> pH Control Solutions
> Making Operational Performance easy for SAP run businesses
> Pay Attention to Mixing For Successful Process Development and Scale-up
> Job Search Strategies
> Technical Solution Review: Best Practices for Using Volumetric Models
> Overview of Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering
> APC Webinar: Improving Inferential Models – Data Processing Tips
> Introduction to OPC UA Architectures
> Safety Systems Applications
> Chemical Reaction Engineering Part Two: Non-Isothermal Design and Analysis
> Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis, and Justification
> An Introduction to ISA's Advanced PLC/PAC
> Final Control Elements
> Alarm Management - The Impact of the ISA-18.2 Standard
> Real-Time Dashboards, KPIs, and Performance Visualizations
> OPC Unified Architecture - A Higher Level Overview
> Control Systems Theory and Implementation








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Over half of the world's APC applications use the 1985 Cutler Matrix Control Algorithm.  Cutler’s new MAX APC is backwards compatible and will run using your existing controller’s model!

Axens proposes its State Space APC suite, designed to efficiently implement and maintain plant-wide APC applications.


Perceptive Engineering
Perceptive Engineering offer expertise in all aspects of Advanced Automation, fromdata validation and visualisation, to multivariate statistical process monitoring, to real-time predictive control and optimisation of both batch and continuous processes.


AMT is a technology independent consulting and project services company specializing in the application of Multivariable Predictive Control and Real–Time Closed–Loop Optimization technology.

Petrocontrol is an advanced process control consulting company, specializing in first principles inferential control models.


IPCOS delivers Advanced Process Control and optimization solutions for the process industries


Specialists in Advanced Process Control and Optimisation
with a Strength in Hydrocarbon and Minerals Processing






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