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APC Background

The papers provided in this section have been written by prominent specialists in the field of APC and its application to industrial processes and submitted to APC-network.com for publication. They provide the users with a background knowledge of the relevant technology. The copyright for these papers belong to the authors and any authorisation to quote or use of the contents should be addressed direcly to the authors.


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APC Background
A High-Level Look at Optimization: Past, Present and Future
e-optimisation community 05-2000

Enterprise applications that perform sophisticated optimization tasks are becoming a key choice for delivering maximum return on investment (ROI). According to AMR Research, some of the early users of applications employing modern-day optimization saw ROI levels of up to 300 percent. Optimization is also likely to transform applications in the e-commerce arena, such as online selling solutions using configuration software that allows customers to select the features of the product or service they’re ordering.
Advanced Process Control, Optimization and Information Technology in the Hydrocarbon Processing
George S. Birchfield

FOREWORD I write this perspective, not as a practitioner, but from the point of view of a business researcher who has tried to benchmark progress, levels of application, critical success factors and the impact on business profitability. Perspectives will differ by company, by discipline and by individual. By no means, do I claim to have the absolutely correct perspective. However I would like to share my perspective in the hope of learning more from other points of view. A historical perspective does heighten respect for the true practitioners and their ongoing saga to master a rapidly advancing technological wave for the economic benefit of their companies and all stakeholders.

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