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APC Background

The papers provided in this section have been written by prominent specialists in the field of APC and its application to industrial processes and submitted to APC-network.com for publication. They provide the users with a background knowledge of the relevant technology. The copyright for these papers belong to the authors and any authorisation to quote or use of the contents should be addressed direcly to the authors.


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APC Background
Fieldbus End User Adoption Trends Show Growing Acceptance
Larry O’Brien

Process fieldbus in the form of Foundation Fieldbus H1 and HSE and PROFIbus PA and DP have all moved into the mainstream of process automation and are being installed in large plants for critical applications. For many users fieldbus compatibility is becoming a key criterion for control system selection. ARC asked users, system integrators, and OEMs about the types of fieldbus protocols they are deploying, the kinds of applications where fieldbus is being used, and the perceived value and estimated payback of fieldbus technology. This Insight examines some of the key results of our survey.
WHITE PAPER: FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus: Tested. Proven. Available Today.
Dr. Flavio Tolfo Vice President, European Operations Fieldbus Foundation

The challenges facing modern industry are different from those of the past. Shareholders expect increased profitability and sustainable growth. Expanding global markets lead to increased competition. These demands require that companies find new ways to reduce operating costs, streamline and/or re-orient workforces, accelerate delivery times, and develop innovative products. Put another way, corporations are no longer seeking to maximize their operations, but rather optimize their enterprise. Management's directives are clear: make it cheaper…make it better…make it quicker…make it safer. Meeting the challenges of the 21st century requires a new way of thinking. Industry can no longer afford to rely on outdated strategies. Rather, it must break out of the paradigms of the past and adopt new, enabling tools for continuous improvement.

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