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APC Products - Sample

APC Products and Services Demo  

A list of APC products offered by APC vendors offering licensed software for the refining and petrochemical industry is provided here. Click on (more...) for more information on the specific APC product. To find out more about the company offering the products, the recent applications of the product, training etc.,click on the company name.

If you are an APC vendor and would like your product to be added to this list, please contact us.

Please click on the arrow to see the range of products covered when you subscribe(NOTE: Sample below shows a selection of the Multivariable Predictive Control products only:
APC Products
Product Licensor Version
DMC Plus Aspentech N/A
DMCplus is a key foundation layer in AspenTech's product range for maximizing client benefits in process applications. It interfaces to processes directly with the DCS or indirectly through process information management systems. DMCplus is the required base layer for Aspen Plus Optimizer, AspenTech's closed-loop, real-time optimization technology and thus also for AspenTech's plant-wide optimization, planning and scheduling systems. AspenTech's tools, designed to capture maximum client benefits, represent the most comprehensive and powerful process optimization technology currently available.  (more...)
Product Licensor Version
MVAC Axens N/A
Axens' State Space APC suite, designed to efficiently implement and maintain plant-wide APC applications, provides robust control and safe capture of plant benefits. MVAC State Space controller achieves superior performance, better disturbance rejection and smooth control moves. MVAC comes with a complete suite, including ISIAC (Modeling Package), AutoStep (Automated Step Test), Simulation (closed loop with scenario), Inferential (from Axens process expertise), Web Access, Reporting , and Full Test (off-line test of complete application before commissioning)...(more...)  
Product Licensor Version
Process Perfecter Pavilion 6.5
Process Perfecter® unifies the control and optimization disciplines into a single solution. Built upon Pavilion's foundation of non-linear neural network modeling technologies, Process Perfecter accurately optimizes and performs closed-loop dynamic control for increased performance of continuous process manufacturing facilities. Using process data in the form of empirical models, Process Perfecter optimizes based on current operating conditions, targets, constraints, and objectives. Version 6 uses trajectories (time-based vectors) that allows for tighter control and faster transitions.  (more...)
Product Licensor Version
QMC APC Quality Monitoring & Control (QMC) N/A
QMC ADVANCED PROCESS CONTROL (APC) PROGRAM for Window. Advanced process control software including Multivariable Dynamic Matrix Control, Quadratic Matrix Control, Biggest Log-Modulus Tuning Control, Adaptive Control, VB Model Control, Neural Network Control and Polynomial Model Control. Includes data conditioning and systems identification modules.  (more...)

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