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IPCOSWhitehouse Consulting
Company Details
Company Name: Koa Oil  
Location: Marifu  
Region: Far East
Country: JAPAN
Industry: Refining Fuels
Application Details
Application: Inferential Control
Technology:  Petrocontrol GCC Software Version: Not provided



Process Unit: Crude Distillation

Process Unit No. #4
Capacity: 127 Mb/d ROI: Not Provided
Running Since: Late 1999
Application Status Running Service Factor:
Benefits: $600,000/Year Software Maintenance Validity: Not Provided
Analyser/Lab (1): None Analyser Notes (1): no bias required
Analyser/Lab (2): None Analyser Notes (2):
Analyser/Lab (3): None Analyser Notes (3):
DCS Type:

Real-time Database:
DCS Link:

Application Database:

Application Link:


Operating System:


Comments: JP End Point, Kero 95%, Kero Freeze Point, JP Flash Point, BGO CFPP, Molex 10% and Kero Flash Point were infered. The predictions even from difficult inferences like FlashPoint, CFPP and Freeze Point were quite good. This is demonstrated by the fact that in almost all the cases no laboratory or analyzer bias update was needed even though all the inferentials were used for online control. All of the inferential properties except for the cold properties (e.g. freeze point) were based on sidestream cutpoints. The cold properties required additional density measurement through Watson K factor.
Information Source
Information Source: NPRA 2002 Computer Conference November 18-20, 2002, Austin Texas, USA
Publication Link: Click here to view.
Publication Title: Multivariable Controller implementation for a Crude unit: A Case Study
Author(s): Pradeep Singh Laplace Technologies Inc., Tsutomu Hiroshima Nippon Petroleum Refining Company Marifu Refinery, Kazuyoshi Kakinoki Nippon Petroleum Refining Company Marifu Refinery, Paul Williams Esso Petroleum Company Fawley. Refinery Dr. Y Zak Friedman Petrocontrol
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2002
Site Information
Contact at site: Tsutomu Hiroshima
Contact e-mail:

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