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IPCOSWhitehouse Consulting
Advertising Your Company

The allocated banner locations on the site are shown on the diagram and their corresponding rates are listed in the table below. The banner size specifications are:

  •  400w x 57h pixels for the top bar advert 
  • 160w x 60h pixels for the side bar adverts.

The banners are to be submitted in one of the following formats: Graphics Interchange Format (GIF), or JPEG file interchange format with a maximum storage of 8 kB. All banners, with the exception of the Middle banners, are displayed on every page. Banners are also included in our monthly email update.



Site Logo
Left Top
Right Top
Left Top
Right Top

Please note that the prices below are on a monthly (calendar) basis and are quoted for rotations of up to three banners.

Contact us to arrange for your company logo, products, services, or seminars to be advertised with a link to your web site.

Left Bottom
Right Bottom
Left Bottom
Right Bottom

Banner Ad 2014 Prices

Right/Left Top
Right/Left Bottom

Note: The above prices include posting the advert in the monthly email update for the period.

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