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Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) APC Webtraining
Scheduled Courses:

Crude units are difficult to control because of many conflicting constraints, operational modes, product specifications, and in particular it is difficult to handle during crude switch disturbances. This course is designed for advanced process control (APC) engineers, and its purpose is to provide such engineers with added knowledge and advanced methods for handling the crude switch disturbances while increasing unit profitability. Beginning with unit economics and process considerations, the course attempts to bridge the gap between planner and operator and arrive at the most suitable APC design for the unit. The course relies heavily on process engineering and people without chemical engineering background who take the course should at least have crude unit (CDU) operating or control experience. While the course primarily aims at crude units, persons with interest in other main fractionators: FCC, coker, etc, would also find it beneficial.
Contact us to enroll.


The web based course will run in small groups, up to five persons, led by Y. Zak Friedman of Petrocontrol. Discussions and questions are encouraged. The course is divided into four segments, each about 100 minutes in duration:


Webtraining is flexible, so Contact us with your APC training needs and we will schedule a course for you!

[CDU operation and economics] - $250.00

This segment is recommended not only for control engineers but also for people who need to evaluate unit operation and/or economics, and set operating and control targets.

During this session the student will learn how to translate unit operation, economics and constraints into APC requirements


[CDU modeling, with emphasize on inferential modeling] - $400.00

This segment is recommended for people who deal with crude unit modeling for inferential control, trouble shooting, optimization, simulation, etc.

During this session the student will learn –
•  How to choose inputs for inferential models
•  The difference between empirical versus scientific models
•  A scientific model available in the market and how it works
The student is not expected to be able to develop scientific inferential models after this course, but he/she would find it easier to support such models.


Contact us for details of low cost headsets
[CDU Advanced Process Control] - $350.00

This segment is recommended for control engineers and other persons who are interested in the operation of crude units near constraints and during crude swings.

During this session the student will learn how to specify manipulated and control variables, and how to optimize the unit operation, using simple rules.

[Other Wide Cut Fractionators] - $350.00

This segment is recommended for control engineers who deal with other refinery main fractionators: Vacuum columns (fuels and lubes), FCC, coker, hydrocracker or visbreaker. Based on student interests only two such fractionators will be covered in detail.

During this session the student will learn about the difference between crude columns and other fractionators, covering column operation, economics, constraints, inferential modeling, manipulated and control variables, and other advanced control considerations.

Group Bookings
As well as scheduled courses, we are happy to discuss with you to arrange site specific training. The courses could be setup for a date and time which is more suitable for you. 10 % discount is provided on group bookings of 2-5 participants from the same company.
Webtraining Approach
Live instructor-led training delivered over the web using an integrated environment including Voice, Presentation and Text Chat for both the instructor and the students. Students from different parts of the world register and join in at a pre-set time from the comfort of their office. The course starts with the presentation by the instructor and interaction takes place between the participants via text chat, speaker and the microphone. If a participant doesn't have a microphone, they can type the text in the allocated section and sent it to the instructor or to everyone present. If two or more students want to speak at the same time, they are queued into line in the order in which they press their Left CTRL key. That's it, as simple as that!


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