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Media Kit

APC-network.com Media Kit

Page Last Updated: Jan 1, 2016

Site objectives

APC-network.com firmly believes in the potential benefits the APC technology brings to the end-user in the refining and petrochemical industry. We intend to promote its wide use and will do our best to revive the APC market that for various reasons, some of which are self inflicted, has been deteriorating in the past few year. We also believe that by creating an independent community, the users and the vendors can rob shoulders, leading to a reverse market by which users empowered with the information can make a decision on what is best for them. For more on site objectives, refer to our interview with the Hydrocarbon Processing Journal, March 2005.

End-user Member Companies
These are companies registered on APC-network.com and receiving the email update. Please note that in many cases, there are several members registered from the same company and they are possibly from different locations. To see the current list of the end-user companies click here.

Registered Users
Total number of registered users on APC-network.com currently stands at 4812. This is significant considering the number of APC professionals involved in the refining and petrochemical industry. The user numbers are growing due to industry awareness and appreciation of the value of the site to its members. The ratio of end-users to vendors is estimated at 59/40% with around 1% registered membership from universities, trade magazines, and advisory groups. To get an idea of the type of users registered with us, click here.

Site Statistics
Number of visitors (unique users) to the site as produced by our statistics package:
Companies advertising with us
To access the list of companies ranging from APC vendors, consultants, integrators, training and recruitment, please click here.

Services and Advertising Prices

There are several ways to improve the visibility of your company and products and advertise your jobs on APC-network.com:

  • Premium Subscription:You can subscribe to our premium service for a year at $600* for APC Vendors and $450* for consultants.
  • Banner Advertising: Use our banner advertising service, which will provide a direct link to your web site with prices starting from $250* per month. For a proposal specific to your needs, please contact us.
  • Job Advertising: You can advertise your vacancy in the Jobs section , home page and a mail shot for $170* per month.
  • Training Advertising: You can advertise your training courses in the training section , home page  and a mail shot for $170* per month.

    * UK companies pay 20% extra for VAT
       No refund for cancellations of the order at any time during the subscription or banner adeveritising.


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