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A list of APC consultants with a track record of offering APC consulting services to the refining and petrochemical industry. The companies involved may offer specialised licensed software, but their main area of expertise is to provide clients with advice on various aspects of APC. Click on the company name for a link to the company web site home page or the consultant's personal e-mail. Click on (more...) for more information on the company or it's APC capabilities. To find out more about the company's products, recent applications, applications by unit, training etc., click on the highlighted links on this page.

If you are an APC consultant and would like your company to be added to this list, please contact us.

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ALPHA Process Control

ALPHA Process Control delivers high value control solutions that safely and consistently increase the operating margins of process units. ALPHA has a team of experienced professionals that has executed more than 200 multivariable process control projects and has developed more than 1000 inferentials in the past 20 years. The return on investment is guaranteed and the benefits sustained over time, eliminating any risk for the customer. ALPHA has unique solutions for application execution and maintenance, training and project financing options.
Apex Optimisation

Originally founded in Australia in 1993 as ProSys Engineering Pty Ltd, Apex Optimisation has established itself as an international provider of high quality Advanced Process Control services and technology. Our team of consultants offers over 100 years of practical experience gained world-wide through the development, evaluation and maintenance of APC & Optimisation applications.
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Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)

Applied Manufacturing Technologies consulting and project services team is by far the most experienced team in the design, development and implementation of advanced control and optimization systems, having extensive experience in refining, gas processing, olefins, chemical and polymer control and optimization projects. The company has operations in Houston (USA), Cardiff (UK), Barcelona (Spain), Seoul (Korea) and Tokyo (Japan) serving customers world wide.
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Following a career with Exxon Research and Engineering and KBC Advanced Technology, Dr. Friedman founded Petrocontrol - a consulting firm in Advanced Process Control (APC) and On-line Optimization. Since its inception in 1992 Petrocontrol has performed Advanced Control consulting services for clients world wide.
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Whitehouse Consulting

Whitehouse Consulting is an independent consulting organisation specialising in the application of advanced control and information systems. It has no connection with any system vendor or installer. Further it does not itself provide such technology. Its consultants each have about 25 years of relevant experience, working on behalf of a large number of companies in the process industries.
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4-sight Consulting

We specialise in high-integrity and safety-related systems. We understand electrical, electronic and programmable electronic systems. We advise on safety of software driven systems.

Accenture Automation and Industrial Solutions has a comprehensive suite of offerings to meet clients’ most critical industrial information technology and automation needs.

is the leading consulting service specializing in mixing processes and equipment for all the chemical process industries.

ACT offers outstanding know how, services and award winning software tools for plant operations optimization - with focus on process control: We provide Consulting and Engineering,

The ACTC produces it's own software packages, with the aim of providing intuitive user friendly tools for many of the common controller designs, reducing the engineering effort required for such tasks. Comprehensive manuals and examples are provided and complementary training courses often exist.
ÅF Group

is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise founded on more than a century of experience. We offer highly qualified services and solutions for industrial processes, infrastructure projects

Advanced Industrial Modeling supplies technology and services to the refining, petrochemicals and polymers industries. Technology: o QuickOptimizer is an innovative approach to non-linear optimization, economics and planning. Services: o Advanced control benefits studies, applications and maintenance o Non-linear optimization benefits studies and applications

AMCS Corporation offers its clients a variety of process related services. Today, AMCS is known as world-class supplier of the ULTRA Series® of cryogenic industrial gas plants, customer industrial
AMI Consultants

Here you can learn about our refinery planning software PetroPlanSM, the easiest refinery planning software on the market

As an advanced process control company, we believe that one of our strongest assets is our background in heavy industry. We employ engineers that understand industrial processes which gives us a large advantage over many control companies.
Apcon Technology

is an independent consulting company specializing in advanced process control and optimization. We have over 35 years of experience and expertise in the development

is Advanced Process Engineering & Simulation Services. Based in Cambridge, UK, we provide specialist services to process engineering companies and simulation software vendors
Applied Control Technology Consortium, (ACTC)

Managed by leading engineering consultancy, ISC Ltd, the world-class Applied Control Technology Consortium, (ACTC), helps companies pursue a policy of understanding and appropriately applying control technologies. The ACTC now provides control technology support to a range of global companies operating in industries including Chemical and Petrol Chemical, Energy and Marine, amongst others. The annual membership fee allows access to a myriad of benefits including training courses, consultancy, case studies, special interest groups and access to a very wide range of control technologies.
Applied Optimization

Our Solutions are built around rigorous mathematical models of the customer's process(es), using state-of-the art programming platforms. Functioning as re-usable enterprise applications, they provide capabilities not available from ERP systems, spreadsheets, or single-user models.
ATME Group

offices are located in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE, with our Center Of Excellence and professional services team based in Kuwait to serve and attend our clients' needs in the Middle East and out side the Middle East region. Besides providing APC services, ATME provides services for Planning & scheduling, process modeling, Energy Management, RTDB, data reconciliation, SCM and manufacturing related custom application development
Aurel Systems Inc.

Aurel Systems Inc. is the author and distributor of innovative chemical process simulation software and related services. Aurel was incorporated in 1977 by Larry S. Wasik. Aurel grew out of a merging of Mr. Wasik's interests in micro computing devices and his work as professional chemical process engineer.

offers industry-specific development programs designed to develop essential skills and build effective and profitable organisations
Bass Rock Consulting

Established in 1998, Bass Rock Consulting helps process industry clients optimize productivity and increase profitability through automation and optimization technology. Using the latest techniques, Bass Rock assists companies in developing and maintaining process automation systems to their advantage
Bayer Technology

We develop effi cient and cost-effective process control solutions based on our experience in numerous investment projects. Our engineers have been involved in plant support and plant optimization activities for many years.
C.F. Picou Associates

CFPA was founded in 1974 as Process Engineering Consultants, a group dedicated to serving the Refining industry. We successfully implemented our first refinery APC project in 1979, and over the years, we have extended our technology and "down-to-earth" APC approach to the related Petrochemical and Chemical industries. Our implementation team is composed entirely of Chemical Engineers with broad and deep process knowledge and APC project experience. In October 2005, CFPA became an affiliate of MAVERICK Technologies, greatly expanding our overall project capabilities and reach.

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