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Manage Your Company's Applications - Sample

The list below contains all the applications entered for your company. Click on the edit icon to update application details. Altrenatively, click on Add Application to include your APC applications data into the database.

Add Application

Status Running
Analyser ROI Maintenance Validity Benefits
Inferential Control Running 1999   JP End Point 6 Oct 2004 $600K/year
Crude Distillation Multivariable Control Running 1999 98% Kero 90% 9 months 6 Oct 2004 2.5% Yield incr
Vacuum Distillation Multivariable Control Running 21 Oct 1998 97% Laboratory 5.5 months 21 Oct 2005 $450,000/year
Vacuum Distillation Multivariable Control Running 21 Nov 1998 99% Laboratory 7 months 21 Nov 2005 $480,000/year
Catalytic Reformer - Continuous Multivariable Control Running 2 Jun 1999 98% Octane 13 months 2 Jun 2005 3% inc in thruput
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Multivariable Control Running 13 June 1997 99%   8 months 13 Jun 2005 2.9% capacity incr
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Real-time Optimiser Open Loop 2 Dec 2003 89% Laboratory 6.5 months 2 Dec 2004 Under evaluation

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