APC Tender Guidelines


The objective of this document is to provide you with the guidelines to define the scope of work as part of the bid document for an APC project. Following the guidelines will ensure that the APC vendor will have enough information to be able to come up with an accurate estimate of the hours and hence the cost for the project. This will pay off in the long run for both the vendor and the end-user as the project will be executed smoothly. Please note that there may be points where your company is reluctant in supplying the information such as product prices, etc. In these cases, please use your own judgment. Relative terms such as marginal values or the higher or lower value of one products relative to the other(s).

The document has been prepared using the input from all sides including APC vendors, consultants and refinery engineers.




Process Description

Advanced Control Requirements

Scope of Work

Employer Resources

Project Schedule

Commercial Terms and Conditions