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6th August 2003

www.APC-network.com, a virtual community for Advanced Process Control (APC) technology in the Refining and Petrochemical industry is launched

ocaso technology Ltd. announced the official launch of APC-network.com in early June 2003, the only virtual community for the Advanced Process Control technology in the Refining and Petrochemical industry. APC-network.com is an independent web site and its main aim is to facilitate exchange of information and knowledge as well as to raise awareness of APC products, services and new technologies currently on the market.

"Internet is a great tool but suffers from information dispersion," said a control engineer working for the technical centre of one of the oil majors "we have given up on using the internet in search of APC related solutions, mainly because it is time consuming and inefficient". An automation manager from a German petrochemical complex commented "it is very important to have independent user feedback for people who need to make decisions on the most suitable products. Being in contact with other users therefore, provides additional value."

By creating a virtual community, APC-network.com makes best use of the capabilities of the Internet where it provides an environment for the APC practitioners to interactively communicate and exchange ideas globally. This takes place through online technical discussion, the APC forum and "ask a question from an expert" where Dr. Y.Zak Friedman (Industry consultant, inferential modelling expert, and developer of the well known crude switch technology) provides the answers. The site also serves as a portal for the APC technology by providing relevant and up to date information collated, organised, and provided through a single source.

The core group of users of the web site are Refinery and Petrochemical plant engineers, consultants, software vendors as well as system integrators. With more than 250 users representing the major operating companies, ocaso technology confirmed that the initial response from the users has been excellent.

"With ever tighter operating budgets and margins and less time to achieve more, operating companies need to make informed decisions when implementing, upgrading and maintaining APC. Having an independent source of information such as APC-network.com where user information on tried and tested as well as new technologies can be shared, is of significant operational and strategic value. The value of hindsight will prove priceless when it comes to finding the right solution," said Dr. Babak Khosro, founder and technical director of the site. "Vendors, as members of this community, have a unique opportunity to promote their products and services in the most cost effective way and attract clients on a global basis".

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