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Advanced Process Control for the Refining and Petrochemical Industry
  Shell Global Solutions releases the "Pro Series" for Advanced Process Control


Shell Global Solutions has introduced a new version of their Process Control Technology Package. The package named the “Pro Series” contains major new releases of:

  • SMOCPro - Multivariable control
  • RQEPro - Inferred measurements
  • MDPro   - Monitoring and diagnosis (single loop and multivariable control)
  • AIDAPro - Identification and modeling

The Pro Series provides a new set of solutions for the process industries like:

·         The Green Gasoil scheme for Ultra Low Sulphur control (patent pending).

·         Plant-wide control for ethylene plants.

·         Main cryogenic control for LNG/gas operations.

The Pro Series has been developed using Shell’s long and outstanding track record in plant operations combined with innovative control know-how. It has unique features to deal with process characteristics (more robust) and to optimize process operations (cost function). Special functionality provides detailed monitoring of controller performance that allows for a sustained high performance. The new “Pro series” products will help users to further boost their performance by being more productive and efficient in every step of the controller development: modeling, tuning and implementation.

With the Pro Series, Shell GSI provides a comprehensive control solution that can be easily integrated with their SPOT real-time optimiser.

Both SMOCPro and RQEPro are connected to various DCS’s using open standard OPC. This online software

has been co-developed with Yokogawa Electric Corporation (an alliance partner of Shell GSI).