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APC-network.com has been on-line for one year

  London: 15 July, 2004: It is our pleasure to announce that it has now been one year since our web community has gone on-line. We have had major achievements during this period. Following the launch of the site, there were a few teething problems with the software. These and other problems with the content fed back by the user base were resolved by our web designers in a matter of few weeks. The launch was reported in the majority of the trade magazines in the industry including Hydrocarbon Processing. The registered membership from across the community has increased to hundreds. This includes refining and petrochemical process control engineers and managers, consultants, personnel of the APC companies, and members of the advisory groups.

The site has been successful in attracting operating companies such as Saudi Aramco, Cepsa, Petronas, Sabic, Slovnaft, and majors such as Agip, BP, ChevronTexaco, Dow Chemicals, Repsol and Shell. On the APC vendor side, there are registered members from at least 90% of the companies on the market while new companies approach us every month. The number of the users of the site has been continously increasing and currently stands at around 3000 to 5000, depending on the month of the year.

Subscriptions and advertising has also been increasing during the year. This included operating companies such as TotalFinaElf with 2 licenses purchased for their technical centres in France. Several vendor companies subscribed to the site, many of which submitted their APC applications to be added to our APC Applications database which now has hundreds of records of installations with details of benefits and the applications.

Pavilion Technologies is the latest company subscribing to APC-network.com which will utilise the site as part of their recent effort to establish its presence in the UK and Europe. Derek Horn, Senior Business Development Manager responsible for the UK office and Amy George, marketing director of Pavilion met with Babak Khosro, director of ocaso technology, the company behind APC-network.com to discuss their new initiative. Derek Horn said "Europe is the key region for our company. Leading European customers like BP, Nestle, Sabic, Europe Petrochemicals and ATOFINA depend on our APC solutions, to deliver significant value year over year. The opening of our Aberdeen office will enable us to serve more customers in Northern Europe (UK, Ireland, Nordic region) complementing our office in Belgium focused on central and Southern Europe."

During this period, Zak Friedman, provided answers to several questions from the process control engineers working on APC projects in the operating companies. Many companies also came to APC-network.com looking for information to justify their new APC projects or upgrading their existing ones. The information was supplied using the data in the APC Applications database and our knowledge base for APC end-users as well as the information supplied by our subscribed vendors.
In line with the aims of the site to make APC information available to process control engineers to help them in their jobs and to save time, we carried out an on-line survey. The title of the survey was: In relation to my work as an APC engineer, the information on this site is % relevant. The result showed that around 70% of the users are reasonably happy with the content. One of our objectives will be to improve on this number, however, we need your input. Please contact us with your feedback. We will also be running more specific surveys to zoom in on problems areas.

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