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Advanced Process Control for the Refining and Petrochemical Industry
  Global Technology Transfer : the methodology and CAD tools for predictive process control are transferred from Adersa to Sherpa Engineering company.

In the early seventies, the Adersa company (R&D group, 30 people) developed an advanced control methodology for the optimization of industrial processes (furnaces, dryers, evaporators, distillations, reactors, etc) and for a better handling of mechanical systems (robots, turrets, car suspension, rolling mills, etc).

This methodology ‘Model Based Predictive Control' (MBPC) is based on the exploitation of a mathematical model of the process to be controlled.

The technology has been applied worldwide by Adersa and by its licensees (Argentina, China, England, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, United States).

Recent financial difficulties led to the transfer of this technology entirely to Sherpa Engineering (70 people), French company already experienced in advanced control of dynamic systems.

This transfer includes the methodology, the software packages, the tool boxes (CAD) as well as the ‘process control' engineers, developers and fitters of these software packages.

The software packages particularly concerned by this transfer are :

- IDCOM-HIECON : control and dynamic optimization of multivariable processes

- PCR : sets of control modules of general use and including some specific blocks dedicated to chemical reactors control.

The technology transfer carried out in February 2004 ensures at the same time the durability of the software packages and the continuation of the activities with the industrial customers already users of this technology and the development of new projects everywhere where these techniques make it possible to optimize the production.