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You may think that here in Carnegie, PA, we are shielded from the waters associated with hurricanes. Normally, that's true. When the storms on the fringes of Ivan swept through Pennsylvania, they were not accompanied by 150 mph winds. But the flooding was awesome, and our particular municipality was one of the worst-hit in the county. Our area has been declared a federal disaster zone.

Why we need your help

NeuralWare is not at street-level, so we did not lose any of our own computers, software, desks, etc. However, all our services, like those of the other businesses in Carnegie, have been out for days. We lost some of your emails when you replied to our last Synapse Newsletter. We lost every single phone call that customers tried to place in response to our survey.

You can help us by answering our survey again (or, answering it for the first time if you have not already) -- just reply to newsletter@neuralware.com with your thoughts. At the very least, we'd like to know if you are more interested in business or technical articles.