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  News Release: Loop Performance Snapshot Reveals Opportunities
Release date: Immediate (January 31, 2006)
From: ExperTune Inc., USA
Media contact: George Buckbee, Tel: +1 262 369-7711

Loop Performance Snapshot Reveals Opportunities

Engineers and technicians can now get an instant understanding of control loop performance, with one glance at the “Loop Performance Snapshot”. The Snapshot reveals opportunities to improve both the process and the controller. With this clear, concise view of loop performance, plant personnel can focus their attention on the most important improvements.

The new Loop Performance Snapshot adds a simple, graphical representation of the powerful loop analysis computations in PlantTriage™ software, from ExperTune. PlantTriage™ automatically monitors plant operations 24x7, using data from existing DCS or PLC systems. After crunching high-speed data from the control system, PlantTriage™ assesses the performance of every control loop, and prioritizes plant issues according to economic importance.

John Gerry, President of ExperTune says “With PlantTriage™, it is our goal to streamline the performance improvement process. The Loop Performance Snapshot delivers all the critical loop assessments in a simple, easy-to-understand graphical format. With this information in front of them, engineers and technicians spend less time with investigations, and more time focused on improving their plant.”

The Loop Performance Snapshot includes graphical displays of the most critical loop assessment information, including oscillation detection, comparison of key performance indicators (KPIs), linearity and valve hysteresis assessment, variability, time in normal, dynamic process models, and more. Red/Yellow/Green color codes draw the user’s attention directly to problem areas. The Loop Performance Assessment is available in a web browser, or PlantTriage™ can e-mail it as a standard .pdf file. A subscription feature also allows the snapshot to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Mr. Gerry continued, “The Loop Performance Snapshot, when used with the rest of the PlantTriage™ tools, increases the effectiveness of these plant personnel by a factor of 3 to 5 times. This provides a huge competitive advantage to those companies who take advantage of this technology to optimize their process operations."

Control Loop Performance is critical to plant operating efficiency. Losses in quality, production rate, energy and materials can all be traced directly to control loop performance problems. With hundreds or thousands of control loops in a single plant, tracking down the source of these problems using traditional methods is complex and time-consuming.

About ExperTune:
For 19 years, ExperTune has created award-winning optimization software that runs in thousands of plants world-wide. PlantTriage™ Performance Supervision Software oversees the optimization of an entire plant. PlantTriage™ optimizes the entire process, including instrumentation, controllers, and valves. ExperTune's full suite of optimization tools is designed to increase the efficiency of processes. The company's analysis tools include simulation, modeling, robustness, linearization, valve wear analysis, pH linearizer, time series analysis, multivariable, statistical, frequency response, and PID tuning tools. ExperTune is a member of the OPC Foundation. For more information, set your browser to www.expertune.com.