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Greg Martin joins APC-network.com's Panel of APC Consultants

London 20 February, 2006: We have pleasure in welcoming Dr. Greg Martin to the panel of APC consultants answering member questions on APC related issues.

As an independent community meeting the needs of APC professionals in the Refining and Petrochemicals industry, APC-network is determined to present the views of consultants from across the community on members' day to day and long term issues.

About Dr. Greg Martin

Greg Martin has 25+ years experience in APC, specializing in MPC. Original work at Shell on DMC before it became public. Later the lead MPC engineer at Setpoint, who had acquired the IDCOM algorithm and technology from France. Director of the control group at Profimatics for 10 years, lead PCT architect (PCT is now a part of Honeywell's Profit Controller). Director of the control group at Pavilion for 7 years, lead Process Perfecter architect (Process Perfecter is a nonlinear MPC using neural networks). Principal consultant for Greg Martin Consulting, Inc. for 3 years, specializing in MPC/RTO studies, business development, algorithm design, and field applications. For more information about Dr. Martin click here .