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PAS Launches Third-Generation Alarm Management Software to Improve Process Plant Alarm Management Systems

AMO-Rt™ provides the most advanced Performance Visualization for optimal alarm management at process plants

Houston, TX – February 23, 2006 – PAS , a global leading supplier of software products and consulting services for the process industries, today announced the launch of its next generation suite of Alarm Management software under the brand name AMO-Rt (Alarm Management Optimization – Real-time).

AMO-Rt is the third generation alarm management solution from PAS. Key features versus traditional products in this area are the real-time performance visualization and optimization of alarm systems leading to superior abnormal situation mitigation and improved plant reliability. With AMO-Rt, PAS continues to assert its leadership role in the alarm management market that began with the release of the industry's first commercial alarm management software in 1996.

As a third-generation product, AMO-Rt is the industry's most complete alarm management solution. It is the only product to integrate data collection, archive, analysis, real-time dynamic alarm management, alarm shelving, operator interface and more in a single application framework.

“Manufacturers tell us that effective alarm management is a key ingredient to effective operation”, according to Dick Hill, VP Manufacturing Services at ARC Advisory Group. “They also tell us that most alarm management applications are inadequate to deal with the increasingly dynamic environment found in today's process manufacturing plants. PAS customers should find this latest generation of alarm management software a comprehensive solution to their needs.”

According to PAS Founder and CEO Eddie Habibi , “PAS is in the business of innovation through the creativity of our people; when we combine that with our voice-of-customer development process we end up with another first-to-market solution that is 1-3 years ahead of competition.”

The AMO-Rt software provides for a comprehensive alarm management strategy including:

  • Automatic Data Collection and Archive – provides long term alarm history
  • Alarm Analysis - benchmarks vs. best practices (eg EEMUA)
  • Alarm Documentation & Rationalization – documents and reduces alarm loading
  • Alarm Shelving – safely deactivates nuisance alarms with management of change
  • Alarm Flood Suppression – suppresses alarm floods and highlights most relevant alarms
  • State-Based Alarms – dynamically adjusts alarm settings to match plant operations
  • Alarm Audit & Enforce – protects alarm settings from improper change
  • Alarm Viewer – provides performance visualization and advisory/knowledge support
  • Performance Metrics Management – provides visualization vs key metrics

AMO-Rt is a component of PlantState Suite™ application framework, which also hosts other PAS applications for plant performance enhancement with applications focused from the individual control loop to plant-wide optimization. The common framework reduces life-cycle-cost of ownership for PAS customers.

About PAS

PAS is a leading supplier of People & Asset Solutions to the process industries worldwide and has been delivering value to customers around the world since 1993.  Key applications include Alarm Management, Control Loop Performance Monitoring, Real-time Performance Metrics Management, Knowledge Management, Linear and Non-Linear Multivariable Control & Optimization, and Asset Management.  Our Microsoft .NET-based PlantState Suite platform provides the foundation for consistent implementation of applications across any control and information platform.

For more information go to www.pas.com , visit the PAS blog at www.pasprez.typepad.com , email us at pr@pas.com or call 281.286.6565.