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Advanced Process Control for the Refining and Petrochemical Industry
  ArchitectMV Released  

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest process monitoring and control product: ArchitectMV

ArchitectMV provides a fully featured engineering development environment that includes all the practical techniques required by industrial process control and improvement engineers. It is structured to guide the user from preliminary data mining and analysis, through process monitoring, process control and optimisation . All the solutions developed within ArchitectMV may be readily transferred into any of the on-line products within the PerceptiveAPC suite offered by Perceptive Engineering Ltd. Many of the solutions may equally be implemented directly within existing industrial control systems to enhance their performance. Comprehensive training courses are available from Perceptive Engineering on a regular basis to ensure the basic techniques are understood and deployed effectively.

David Lovett, Managing Director, stated: “Two years ago, we noticed a gap in the market for practical tools to identify and deliver real process improvement to the process industries. Whilst many products addressed the data visualisation and data analysis, they failed to provide integrated facilities to improve process monitoring, control and system optimisation. We have designed and developed a product to provide all the latest Process Improvement Tools – within one box - in a clear and practical way and at a practical price.”

About Perceptive Engineering Ltd

Perceptive Engineering Ltd is one of a select number of companies, which exploit model based engineering techniques to achieve improvements in Industrial performance. The application of model based controllers in conjunction with Statistical Process Monitoring in a real time environment is an innovative use of two existing technologies that assists industrial manufacturers achieve improved performance.

Our product, PerceptiveAPC suite consists of five software packages ArchitectMV, MonitorMV, SimulateMV, ControlMV and BatchMV.  These packages have been developed to meet the industrial requirements of our customers.

For further details visit www.perceptive-engineering.co.uk . All queries should be addressed to info@perceptive-engineering.co.uk

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