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  Aptitude & Cutler Technology Corporation agreement pushes the new generation of APC technology worldwide  

Cambridge , United Kingdom , September 4th 2006

Aptitude Ltd, a major provider of quality APC and optimisation solutions for the oil & gas and chemicals industries, and APC software specialists Cutler Technology Corporation (CTC) are pleased to announce a new agreement to work together on marketing and sales of CTC's [ADMC]TM and [UPID]TM products. The agreement brings together two industry leaders with a joint vision to excel in software technology and services execution in the Advanced Process Control (APC) area.

Cutler Technology Corporation's [ADMC] TM software takes a new approach to on-line process control that enables APC applications to generate increased economic benefits over existing APC technologies and make further improvements in control of the operating plant. The new agreement gives the Aptitude team the opportunity to deliver this next generation of APC technology to customers. Aptitude will offer CTC's solutions for new projects alongside its existing portfolio of professional services and expertise in other APC technologies.

Using their already global network, Aptitude and CTC will work together to expand acceptance of CTC's technology worldwide and develop new markets.

The agreement will also see Aptitude and CTC combining their expertise to develop add-on products and software enhancements for the APC market.

Dr Charles Cutler, President of CTC said “The industry is in an exciting phase and moving towards a new generation of APC technology. Going forward with Aptitude, we will together expand our markets, and by working together to develop new software features, we anticipate being able to serve the industry better. “

“It a privilege to be associated with the thought leaders of the APC world” commented Sam Dhaliwal, Managing Director of Aptitude. “Working with CTC means we have access to the world's premier APC development group, and coupled with our in-the-field experience, we will together take APC technology and implementation into a new era.”

About Aptitude:
Aptitude Ltd specialises in providing software implementation services for the fast deployment of Advanced Process Control (APC) and realtime optimisation applications in the oil, gas and chemicals industries. These include APC, process operation analysis, benefit studies and application maintenance and APC training services. Its teams have significant experience managing large, complex projects and multiple stakeholders. Aptitude's unique business model has contributed to the success of many leading plants and refineries worldwide. Aptitude has offices in the UK and India .

For further details visit www.aptitudegroup.com or contact us at info@aptitudegroup.com

About Cutler Technology Corporation:
Cutler Technology Corporation under the leadership of Dr Charles Cutler developed the [ADMC] TM APC software as well as simulation software suites.


For further details visit www.cutler-tech.com/index.html