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Advanced Process Control for the Refining and Petrochemical Industry



Incorporating the ERTC Computing Conference with the ERTC Reliability & Asset Management Conference

Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center , Italy , 21-23 May 2007

ERTC ASSET MAXIMISATION THROUGH COMPUTING AND RELIABILITY CONFERENCE is the premier independent European forum for these subjects. They are of specific interest to the oil production, oil refining, petrochemical, power industries.

Information technology, reliability management and the impact these issues have on effective asset maximisation are areas of dynamic growth and increasing convergence in the oil and petrochemical sector. Recognising this reality, ERTC presents ERTC ASSET MAXIMISATION THROUGH COMPUTING AND RELIABILITY Conference. This Conference merges these two important streams into a single event that will synergise these technologies.

From a plenary session which will explore the common-ground and technologies relevant to both Computing and Reliability disciplines, this event will move on to an in-depth examination of individual topics in two separate parallel sessions. These will extend from APC, Information Systems, Planning & Scheduling, SCM and Simulation to Asset Management, Maintenance, Turnaround Management and Inspection. ERTC ASSET MAXIMISATION will therefore enable you to assess the progress and significance of the latest products and services involved in the discrete and continuous monitoring and optimisation of key process variables in the business chain.

GTF have commissioned two independent expert Advisory Panels - one for the Computing stream abstracts and one for the Reliability stream abstracts - comprising members from the European industry, to make the paper selection for this ERTC conference. You are now invited to submit one or two original papers for acceptance by the ERTC Advisory Panels. Your company can submit separate abstract(s) for BOTH the Computing stream AND the Reliability stream if you wish.

Acceptance criteria will be originality, technical innovation and relevance to European process and power industries. Preference will be given to papers giving case histories and actual operating experience. Papers from supply companies that are co-presented with operating companies will also be given preference. With your permission, selected papers may be reprinted in Hydrocarbon Processing.

Comments by this year's delegates on 'Hot Topics' for 2007 are as follows, and papers which address the following issues will be particularly welcome:

§ How to manage the loss of experienced staff, both with the operators as well as the contractors.

§ Are turnarounds still growing larger and less frequent, or are we slowly heading for more frequent and smaller events (due to the above)?

§ How does the 'new' definition of the tasks of Inspection departments, as a result of EC rules, influence/redefine the responsibilities within our industry?

§ More practical APC solutions showing results

§ Less sales presentations

§ More technical papers

§ Risk management, process design and optimisation on a risk basis.

§ A more detailed case study on reliability improvement

§ Advanced measuring like NIR and NMR

§ Early event detection, alarm management, multi-variable control, process optimisation.

§ Dynamic simulation, process control design, operator training.

§ APC, optimisation, alarm management, how to present information to operation.

§ Utilities system and system integration

§ More planning and scheduling applications

§ Refinery-wide simulation, operator training and effectiveness, more joint client/vendor papers.

§ More optimisation techniques and technologies

§ Examples of APC applications design and implementation

§ Simulations, alarm handling, refinery-wide information systems.

§ Refinery balance material and scheduling

§ Outsourcing/partnership of full maintenance activities, life cycle costs.

§ Production accounting systems

§ More presentations of real cases, anything on new methodologies and tools.

§ More on maintenance organisations, interactions between operations and maintenance, and process reliability.

§ Reliability engineering during feed phases, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance strategies.

§ Managing risk, impact on legislation, engineering impact on variable costs (energy etc).

§ Real client situations and success

§ RAM studies

§ Reliability - Hydrocarbon storage tanks, pressure release devices, rotating equipment, turnaround management, analysis of major losses.

§ Human reliability application

§ West European resource problems

§ Effects to combine PSM and reliability, how contractors are involved in site reliability.

§ Changing organisations towards 4th generation maintenance

§ RBI toolkit, failure mechanisms.

§ LCC and RCA methods

§ Less traditional MVC and more innovative control and process simulation, use of reactor models.

§ Concrete examples of units optimisation, less general and more concrete applications to solve real problems in refineries.

§ Real time optimisation, case studies.

§ Operational excellence

At this stage, the only requirements are a working title, subject area and brief description of the proposed content (maximum 200 words per abstract). In order to meet the conference planning timetable and ensure submission to the independent expert Advisory Panel(s), please respond by Friday 17 th November 2006 by e-mail to stella@gtforum.com .