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Please circulate this to all "engineers" in your organisation or supplied by your organisation

Astronautics engineer Jon Jennings has this week leapt on the online petition bandwagon to call for the title of "engineer" to be a protected title.
Jennings has joined an escalating list of people using 10 Downing Street's online petition trial to drum up support for his campaign to restore respect in engineers. "Car mechanics, plumbers and electricians are now commonly referred to as engineers and banks now regard engineers as semi skilled," says his petition. With 7,343 signatories to date, the petition already tops the "business and industry" category. But it still lags well behind the road pricing petition which received 1.7M signatories. 3,707 signatures want the prime minister to stand on his head and juggle ice-cream! so we need to beat that by a long way to be taken seriously! So if you agree that the status of the engineer is undervalued in society sign the petition: http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Engineer-Status