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Hyperion in CHENIGMA 07


Hyperion sponsors and participates in CHENIGMA 2007, Sinhagad College of Engineering, Pune, India .


Pune , India , 29 March 2007. Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd., the leading independent Operator Training Simulator supplier and provider of lump-sump turn-key solutions and services to process industries worldwide, announced the sponsorship and participation in CHENIGMA 2007 (www. sinhagad .edu) at the Chemical Engineering college premises, Pune , India .


The event/conference was organized by the A ssociation of Chemical Engineering Students in collaboration with the Sinhagad College . The scope of the conference was to bring together engineers and scientists from universities and industry all over India and promote discussions related to the practical applications of Chemical Engineering. The conference focused on theoretical/experimental aspects and recent advances in the areas of (i) Chemical Engineering, (ii) Bio-Technology, and (iii) Computer and Chemical Engineering.


Hyperion's India deputy manager, Nitin Jain, highlighted the following in his presentation:

•  The importance of dynamic simulation in plant design and operator training.

•  The significant growth of the Hyperion Pune team and its involvement in projects globally.

•  The fact that a number of students are doing their final degree theses with Hyperion.

Dr. Patwardhan, Technical Director at Sinhagad College and Professor Emeritus at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay , where he taught and performed research for 37 years, said: "Maintaining relationships with leading companies like Hyperion is very important for Sinhagad College and our students. They have now the ability to develop a deep understanding in dynamic simulation, an increasingly critical aspect of chemical engineering”.


Dean Jones, Vice President for Modeling and Simulation Solutions at Hyperion, said: “We offer value to our customers by providing operator training simulators and dynamic studies. As the leading independent modeling solutions provider, we need well versed engineers who understand process modeling and who can grasp the idiosyncrasies of modern process simulation software. Software alone is not sufficient to deliver full-scope solutions; we need good people to drive it and understand the obtained results. This is why we value the chance to cooperate with the Pune University and why we will continue to do so.”



About Operator Training Systems


Operator Training Simulators are detailed, high fidelity, real-time simulation systems that are custom-built to match the dynamic behavior of single or multiple plant units and their associated control systems. An Operator Training System may be used throughout the plant lifecycle to train operating crews, resulting in fewer operating errors and quicker and safer startups and shutdowns, improve plant reliability due to improved response to abnormal situations, optimize throughput and product quality, and provide the basis for evaluation of control strategies.


About Hyperion


Hyperion is the leading independent supplier of OTS solutions to the process industries.


Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd. provides world-class professional consulting services and solutions in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Dynamic Simulation and Modeling, Advanced Process Control & Optimization and Plant Information Management. Hyperion enables Process Manufacturing companies to increase efficiency and profitability.


With headquarters in Cyprus and operating subsidiaries in the UK , Russia , Greece , India and Bahrain , Hyperion employs over 150 engineering professionals who have implemented over 200 projects worldwide. Hyperion has one of the world's most experienced teams of resource in the field of Dynamic Simulation and Operator Training, with in excess of 50 simulation and modeling professionals who have implemented OTS projects for companies such as BP, Sasol, Motor Oil Hellas, Exxon, Texaco, Chevron, Shell, Saudi Aramco, Ferrostaal, in the Oil & Gas, Petro-Chemical, Chemical and Power generation industries.







Hyperion is certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard, by EuroCert, for the design, development and implementation of Modelling and Simulation Solutions.



For more information, visit: www.hyperion.com.cy/EN/services/mass/index.html



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