Real-Time Optimisation (RTO) technology has been around for the last two decades and has had relative success in certain cases in the refining and petrochemical industry. There are great potentials associated with this technology that has not been exploited as yet. RTO is by no means considered a commodity and unlike the multivariable control technology the question a number of users are asking themselves in the first instance is “will this technology work?” The fact of the matter is that RTO has been successfully implemented in many areas such as Ethylene plants and refining FCC units as reported in the literature and are delivering large profits to the users. On the other hand, there have also been stories of RTO applications being turned off due to many reasons such as complexity of the application, lack of understanding of the technology, modeling inaccuracies, lack of feedstock information etc.

The information required to help you make informed decisions on RTOs that are beneficial applications for your units is made available on this site. This could be installing an RTO for the first time, upgrading to the most recent technology, or achieving and maintaining the best performance from your existing RTO.

The information is provided in various forms. This ranges from publications and typical examples to actual installations and experiences reported by the practitioners in the filed. But making the best use of the capabilities of the internet, which is its interactive nature, a great deal of knowledge can be transferred between the users and the experts through forums, technical chats and questions and answers provided for your benefit.